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Jul 28, 2016

Rochester Helmet Sizing

The Problem: You live in the Rochester area or are traveling to Watkins Glen International and you need a racing helmet. With a town surrounded by motorcycle shops, finding the right size racing helmet for a track event can be challenging.

Actually most people that we talk to, tried ordering a helmet online, only to find that what they ordered, wasn’t the right size.  You send it back, pay for more shipping, and takes you weeks to get it.

The Solution: We have a full showroom of racing helmets in various sizes which you can walk into, try on, and get fitted for your perfect size.Logo_Simpson300

We are a full Simpson dealer and have the ability to fit the proper helmet and match it up to the right HANS device. Click on the SIMPSON logo to see what else we have, or go here for more information.

BRING your car!!  Try the helmet on a check the visibility and clearance in your vehicle.




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