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Digital Transfers are produced on large format, solvent ink jet printers, on a substrate designed to be heat applied to many types of material.  After multiple steps, the transfers are ready to be applied to the garments.  These transfers are preferred when the quantity of garments needed just aren’t enough to amortize the cost of art preparation and color separations needed for Screen Printing. Or, if the art is “Full Color” and needs very expensive separations with Under Printers and Highlight Printers. Digital Transfers only require one piece of art.


These Digital Transfers can be applied to all kinds of things, from garments and caps to umbrellas.

Turn around time is also faster than Screen Printing, in most cases. This process can be done in 2 to 3 days, if the garments you pick are in stock.


License Plates on Metal or Clothing are now available.  Any 8 letter and number combination can be done.  Plates are available for almost every state or country.  For the clothing, the $24.95 includes a S thru XL t-shirt, any color.  Other sizes and styles are available for additional costs.  You can also do the plate as a left chest logo.  Discounts are available for multiples of the same design.  Art/Design charges are usually included for standard plates.


Ink Jet Transfers  are usually done on white shirts because these are made on color Laser printers and need the white background for the colors to reproduce correctly.  Turn around time for these can be as little as 24 hours if the art supplied is ready to go and the garments are in stock.



Heat Transfer Letters and Numbers

When you need a small quantity or want simple type on a shirt quickly, we stock an array of letters and numbers that will allow us to create a shirt for you.

Small orders of shirts can be done usually in 24 to 48 hours. Place your order on a weekday in the morning and it will be ready for pick up after 4pm the following day. Orders placed on a Friday may not be ready until Monday afternoon. If you have a larger quantity order or require special shirts not currently in stock, please allow additional time to complete your request. If you have a t-shirt “emergency”, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you fast.

We have a showroom full of blank shirts to choose from.

Typestyles are available in particular sizes only. Stop in and we can assist with selecting the best choice to suit your message and shirt size.

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