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How much for how many?

What factors affect Cost?
Quantity of shirts with the SAME design
Style and quality of desired garment
Shirt size
Number of ink colors
Number of print locations on garment
Special colors (requiring mixing)
Kind of artwork (ready to print?)
How many do I need to print?
We do not setup print runs under 1 dozen as a rule.
Price breaks occur at 1 dozen, 2 dozen, 3 dozen, 6 dozen, 12 dozen, 24 dozen, 500 pieces, 1000 and so on. It is always beneficial to print more than less to achieve a price break. You are better off ordering a few more than you believe you need because of the set up costs involved. It takes the same amount of time to set up a press whether we are printing 1 dozen or 100. No one wants to be in the position of needing 2 more shirts and having to pay minimum set up charges.
Why does shirt color matter?
There are 3 price levels for white, ash or heather gray and all other colors. Color dye batches from the manufacturers cost more. Printing on dark colors with light color inks requires an additional spot cure step and additional charge.

Submitting Work

What filetypes are accepted?
Some images formats are better than others. The better quality of a file you send us, the less likely you will need to pay for us to fix it.
Vector Graphic Files (.AI .EPS .PDF) with Fonts Converted to Outlines
Original Photoshop Images .PSD, High Resolution .TIFF and .PNG
High Resolution .JPG
How should I size my image?
All files must be 300dpi at actual size. If you use a vector graphic, you just need to set the document to the size you want to use. If you used a STROKE in the design, stroke widths should be 2 points minimum at the finished size. They won’t appear otherwise.
What FONTS can I use?
Fonts are tricky. We may not have the fonts that you used to create your artwork. To make sure the design comes out exactly how you want it, you should convert your text to outlines so that we do not need to know what font you used.