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tsxLogoCombinedWhat is TSX Sport?

TSXSport is a trademarked division of T-Shirt Express Corporation.  What started as a love and passion for High Performance Action Sports has evolved into a name that most long time customers have come to know us by. Starting as a Beach Volleyball / Skateboard clothing store, over 30 years ago and progressing through where we are today in the Auto Racing Industry.  TSXSport has always been the Retail part of T-Shirt Express.  Call it our nickname, call it our short name, call it our alter-ego. TSX Sport represents our commitment and passion for Action Sports.

Because we go to so many High Performance Driving events now, we started carrying some automotive performance products in the TSXSport trailer. Since we are at the track supplying event gear, we have grown to supply our customers with equipment and resources they need to stay on track. Our Motorsports Products are also available in our retail store when we aren’t at the track.  But, our retail store also has a large assortment of blank tops for men and women, young or old.  There are “Sale Racks” full of discontinued samples from the wholesale division too, that we make available to the retail public.




The Clubs shown below are organizations that we do logo’d clothing for and sell that clothing at their events and in our retail store.  Another service that we are able to provide for our customers.  Our central location in an upscale area of the city, has plenty of free parking.  The area also has numerous bars and restaurants, if you’re looking for another excuse to be out of the office a little while longer.

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